“Active Assisted Living” Report 2018

Report – Active Assisted Living 2018

On April 8th the Active Assisted Living (AAL) 2018 report was published. This publication provides an overview of the activities carried out by the European Active Assisted Living (AAL) program in its tenth year anniversary.

This is an ambitious European initiative that brings together 20 countries and the European Commission to address one of the main challenges of our times: demographic change.

In these 10 years, as many annual invitations have been launched for ideas that have involved the social sector, researchers and professionals from different countries and regions, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the elderly.

“Longevity requires a rethinking of the way we live today”, says Peter Saraga in his introduction, and technological progress can help us maintain the preferred lifestyle, and to do this we have started an approach that goes towards the ecosystem¬†approach.

Link to Report AAL 2018:

For 2019, the open call for bids concerns “Sustainable intelligent solutions for aging well”.¬†The objective of the call is to support innovative, transnational and multidisciplinary collaborative projects with an open approach to the development of solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies, in the different AAL domains, which include: solutions for active life, as in the work and training, for vitality and abilities, solutions for leisure and culture, for information and communication, as well as for assisted living, such as health and care, life and building, mobility and transport, security.

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