NEISOS supports the development, production of innovative products and services with high technological value and, more specifically, an innovative Media Analysis service.


The activity of NEISOS presents characteristics of innovation as it brings together a series of research, analysis and optimization tools, for example analysis of Tags, Keyword, Performance and Degree of Popularity on Social Networks, to allow the user to set up and plan their organizational, commercial and industrial models.

The high technological value is present as it is based on sophisticated operating algorithms developed by NEISOS, applied to a Web Based platform, which allow the optimization of its processes, as well as the development of specific products or services for performance improvement.


NEISOS also carries out research, development, training and training in the areas related to the activities indicated above.

The NEISOS staff has competences for the development, production and marketing of online platforms, mobile applications and other web tools able to bring innovation, creating the conditions to improve communication systems and the creation of cutting-edge products.